Shamanic Abuse and Hidden Danger in The Amazon (available now)

Peace activist and author Richard Sauder went to the Amazon four years ago. In 2013, he encountered startling abuse and darkness when he entrusted a shaman to work with him. Because many of us assume that shamans are well-intentioned and responsibly use their power, it’s important to hear his experience so that those of you who decide to work with a shaman in a foreign country use the highest level of discernment.

Our guest was taken against his will, drugged, and brutalized repeatedly. He spent many months in the hospital after this experience and is still in very bad shape physically. But he’s standing up in the Amazon and not allowing this shaman to continue his behavior. Apparently, this shaman has acted out like this before with others. Mr. Sauder has called upon legal counsel in the Amazon to take this matter to court. He is seeking damages, and to put this shaman in jail for assault and battery. He urgently needs funds to pay for legal counsel to wrap up this matter once and for all. Time is of the essence.

In this segment, Richard Sauder also shares about another very important hushed subject in the Amazon: headhunting, and what is really going on there where visitors are disappearing. Tune in as the author of Hidden in Plain Sight and The Richard Sauder Briefing brings us a shocking tale of the darkest side of the Amazon.

Dr. Mark Sircus – Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy (available April 21st)

Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy, a new e-book by Dr. Mark Sircus, presents a new therapy for safe administration of unlimited oxygen… in your own home! The powerful anti-inflammatory effect resulting from this method differentiates it from hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), reaching a threshold of oxygen that soothes the capillaries and clears toxins from the body. The author returns to It's Rainmaking Time!® to share his research and insights into this exciting therapy, speaking to its historical roots and its healing potential.

Dr. Mark Sircus – a prolific author, acupuncturist, doctor of oriental and pastoral medicine, and the founder and director of the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) – has appeared on It's Rainmaking Time!® twice before in the course of his mission to bring about a major overhaul in medicine and health care. His humanitarian, cost-effective approach supports those who cannot afford expensive medical treatments or drugs. Dr. Sircus’ book Treatment Essentials empowers individuals to take charge of their own health through the application of his revolutionary protocol.

After researching the human condition and the causes of disease for many years, Dr. Sircus developed a new therapeutic principle called Natural Allopathic Medicine. A distillation of allopathy and naturopathy, this protocol addresses foundational physiology, focusing on detoxification, nutrition and remineralization, breathing and oxygenation, pH management, cell voltage, and the medicinal use of magnesium, iodine, cannabinoid, and carbon dioxide.

Our 2010 segment with Dr. Mark Sircus on the health benefits of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) has become one of our most popular videos on YouTube, speaking to widespread public interest in alternatives to traditional Western allopathic medicine. Last year he returned following the publication of his book Medical Marijuana to discuss the rapidly shifting debates over marijuana legalization and its medicinal use. Join us with Dr. Mark Sircus as we continue onward in the quest for health empowerment!

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