Special: Getting to the Roots & Remedies of Disease

Pioneers Dr. Garry Gordon, Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. Mark Sircus, Dr. Steven Hickey, and Dr. Stuart Nunnally join us for a fast-hitting, in-depth discussion about some of the most exciting opportunities for disease elimination and wellness. If they are empowered to have their way in the world, they will change the trajectory of health in modern times for the better.

In this rare special, Kim opens the space for the sharing of real-life dilemmas between patients and doctors, patients and their families, and doctors practicing medicine in a politically-loaded medical matrix where many are prevented from actually practicing the Hippocratic Oath about “doing no harm”. We discuss conflicting and complementary paradigms governing remedies, causes, and correlations, and identify outdated practices and treatments for heart disease, blood clots, and more.

If you want to:

  • Get off of Warfarin/Coumadin for life and don’t know how,
  • prevent or cure a heart condition or heart challenges,
  • get off of your blood pressure medication or any other medications,
  • know more about how vitamin C empowers the body to heal and prevent disease,
  • make better informed decisions about your health,
  • learn about root canals and how they effect your health specifically,
  • understand the role toxins play in all diseases,
  • follow your doctors suggestions and realize that you can’t,
  • be part of a conversation that changes the landscape of disease prevention, wellness, and healing, or
  • be part of a special that pulls everyone together to open up a new space for health and healing…
  • …tune in! It’s Rainmaking Time!

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