Jim Rogers – A Bull in China

After watching over 20 hours of interviews and reading A Bull in China and Hot Commodities, I realized that many public figures sometimes have to sublimate a part of themselves in order to be well-received. But there’s more to Jim Rogers, the king of the commodities world, than one might expect. As the co-founder of The Quantum Fund, the founder of The Rogers International Commodities Index, the chairman of Rogers Holdings and the author of five books, Jim Rogers is considered the Indiana Jones of Finance for a very good reason. He is driven by his love of adventure and his fascination with the interconnectivity of the entire world. Opportunities and investments seem to find him.

Tune in and spend 50 minutes on a Sunday morning in Singapore with Jim Rogers as he works out on his stationary bike. Don’t miss this journey into the mind of one of the world’s greatest investors.

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