Orbs: Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Light

The brain blocks out 90 percent of what’s out there and in the 10 percent left, it has to distill what it feels we can handle. The air is filled with so much life force and beings that if we were to all buy ourselves infrared cameras and make it a point to observe what is in our air, we would be amazed.

Many of us have heard about these balls of light called orbs. Some of us have seen them and most of us haven’t. Some say that they are ghosts, camera problems, dust particles from rain or weather, others say that they were photoshopped into the image.

Kim was recently visiting the Chalice Well in Glastonbury with her friend and took some photos of the beautiful plants, trees, water wells and gardens. When they both got back and viewed some of them, they were shocked to find a few photos of what looked like an orb, including a deep blue color luminescent structure. Kim did not try to capture an orb or even expect to see one. Her friend got so excited that she couldn’t wait to go back the next day to the Chalice Well and get some Orbs too. Well, she not only got herself some orbs, but she got tons of photos with Orbs and some mighty exciting videos of them dancing for her.

We showed some friends the photos of them and one guy said that there was a woman artist who was having an exhibition the next morning at a local Gallery to talk about her work with orbs. That artist would be Anna Leonis. In this brief interview, Kim asks many questions about Ann’s work with Orbs and then invites in her friend Simone to be part of the conversation. Whether you believe in this phenomena or not, there’s something undeniably remarkable when these emanations of light and movement appear in your camera. Their very presence is a communication in and of itself.

Special: Real Medical Dilemmas for Doctors & Patients (airs April 17, 2015)

Every day, millions of people use blood-thinning drugs to prevent blood clots. Every day, millions are given statins to “reduce their cholesterol”, even though statins reduce vitality, immunity, and well-being. Every day, patients are told that they will die unless they take drugs endorsed by the medical field and promoted by a high percentage of doctors.

What if your family thinks you’re crazy because you don’t wish to follow what the medical field suggests you do? What if, despite inconclusive tests, a doctor insists that you should be taking aspirin, statins, and anticoagulants? For an unwell person – for example, someone who is experiencing debilitating angina symptoms, or taking medications such as Coumiden for blood clots – it can be difficult to know who to listen to. Who is correctly interpreting the evidence? It is a serious medical dilemma.

What if the current standards for taking blood pressure are wrong, and the established infrastructure and methods are giving us the wrong readings? Furthermore, what is the true cost of getting the wrong readings – and who do you talk to for the right ones?

Thankfully, if and when we discover that the standard practices are outdated and incorrect, there are pioneers who have developed more advanced ways to get your real blood pressure data.

It's Rainmaking Time!® has delved deeply into the health and wellness arena for many years. Sometimes it is not enough to hear from different guests about their different solutions: we need to bring them together to offer definitive solutions to people in need. To that end, we have invited the pioneers of our time to guide us through this medical dilemma: Dr. Gary Gordon, Dr. Marc Sircus, Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. Steven Hickey, and the father of cardioretinometry, Sidney Bush.

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