November Newsletter

by on November 21, 2012      

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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Rainmaking Time!® wishes you all good health, wonderful gatherings with family and friends, and joyfulness for the Thanksgiving holiday. We appreciate your continued viewership and support. Although there is strife in many parts of the world, we feel that the spirit of Thanksgiving is a wonderful thing to experience all year round. Thank you again from the team at It’s Rainmaking Time!®

Have You Considered Voice Advertising?

After producing and hosting over 350 episodes of It’s Rainmaking Time!®, and many years of careful observation of radio and television, it is clear that most advertising attempts to subconsciously manipulate people into buying products. This model is based on lack and fear.

Our model of advertising is meant to engage you in short 2-3 minute contextual introductions that transmit the value of the product, peak your interest, and move you toward investing some of your time and dollars into them. By presenting the product or the company the way I present show segments, you get a clearer sense of its value and contribution. We view this like seed planting and watering of wonderful products and offerings.

As the CEO of The Rainmaking Company and the producer and host of It’s Rainmaking Time!®, I am very mindful about the products and organizations I align myself with. I only do voice advertising for products that I personally think have real substance, are timely and should be considered as part of your life. If you’re interested in effective voice advertising, send me an email or call The Rainmaking Company today at (626) 398-8652.

We greatly appreciate your monthly support. If you would like to donate, click here. Please don’t forget to introduce your loved ones to the show. By the way, have you met our advertisers? We encourage you to visit The Sterling Hut, ETS Zeolite, Natural Action Water, and The Positron Group and learn more about what they have to offer. Thanks again!

Kind regards,

Kim Greenhouse
Host, It’s Rainmaking Time!®
Founder and CEO, The Rainmaking Company