Happy Holidays from It's Rainmaking Time!®

by on December 23, 2013      

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Kim and Gigi

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On January 3rd, 2014, we’re producing our first video special. We’re very excited about it! Over the last 25 years, thermography has become an invaluable tool for identifying disease. For example, thermography can identify breast cancer up to seven years in advance, before it has a chance to metastasize. However, it is still a well-kept secret used mainly by healthcare practitioners who are committed to new knowledge and disease prevention.

I first learned of thermography when I interviewed Dr. Bill Cochburn for television in Los Angeles. I recently called him only to learn that he had passed on. He was a major contributor to the development and understanding of the field of thermography, and will be greatly missed.

I’ve invited physicist Dr. Shui Yin Lo to introduce a new discovery in water physics. Dr. Lo will share how the meridian system can be seen using thermography, a major boon in disease prevention.

Get ready for another year of expansive content from It's Rainmaking Time!® We’re looking forward to it. See you there!

Warm regards and Happy New Year,

Kim Greenhouse
Host, It's Rainmaking Time!®
Founder and CEO, The Rainmaking Company