Angi Ma Wong – Survival Tips from The Feng Shui Lady

by on June 14, 2011      

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Angi Ma Wong

Angi Ma Wong

Angi Ma Wong is known as “The Feng Shui Lady”. She is also an author and public speaker who has survived cancer for over 20 years. Today she introduces us to her newest book, A Survivor’s Secrets to Health & Happiness, which talks about what you can do today to insure your health and happiness from her perspective. Angi Ma Wong has joined us before to talk about Feng Shui and her life as a Rotarian, businesswoman, and intercultural bridge builder. We talk very frankly about her battle with cancer and raise many questions about how far treatment has really come in the last 20 years. Angi Ma Wong is a very positive person and it is always a joy to have her on the show.

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1 Stan Johnson May 25, 2012 at 1:03 am

Better to use lemon and water as it alkalises as it hydrates. The reason you don thave to drink the tea is it goes into the blood stream if held in the mouth, that is why it is better to use colloidal vitamins and minerals as they will enter the body quicker. Really sad to hear she was on chemo there is no evidence that this works I think her lifestyle is keeping her afloat rather than the poisons she is taking. Also sad to hear she beleives about cancer survivors, because they’ve survived despite the poisons they’ve taken. The cancer charlotanns wont tell the people the difference between relative and absolute cure. Strange its the only disease that they claim people are cured if they survive 5 years, this again is a hoax


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