Arnie Gundersen – Nuclear Power Insider Blows the Whistle

by on April 19, 2011      

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Arnie Gundersen

Arnie Gundersen

Arnie Gundersen is an energy adviser and nuclear engineering and safety expert with over 39 years of engineering experience in the field. A former licensed nuclear reactor operator, Arnie Gundersen is an expert witness who provides testimony on nuclear operations, reliability, safety, and radiation issues to the NRC and internationally. He co-authored the first edition of the Department of Energy (DOE) Decommissioning Handbook. With over 25 years of experience in decommissioning oversight and of the many people in the media who are talking about the meltdown and true state of the accident in Japan, Arnie Gundersen is one of very few people who is qualified enough to tell it like it is about all aspects of nuclear power from the inside out.

Join us for an extensive interview that ushers in Arnie Gundersen’s journey as he blows the whistle on his employer, the state and mentality of the nuclear industry, how regulation really works, an honest look at Fukushima (including the report issued by French nuclear industry mainstay Areva), facts about plutonium, nuclear power plant construction, and issues surrounding containment.

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