Betty Sue Flowers – The Return of Betty Sue Flowers

by on March 18, 2010      

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Betty Sue Flowers

Betty Sue Flowers

Betty Sue Flowers is the author of Presence: An Exploration of Profound Change in People Organizations and Society, Extending the Shade, Browning and the Modern Tradition, and the co-editor of The Last Word on Power, and Fathers & Daughters. She is a divine inspiration to everyone she meets, and one of the most fascinating, mysterious, powerful, kind, wise and elegant people I have met in my life. Betty Sue Flowers is not only an author, editor, educator and business consultant, but she knows something about getting people in touch with their own brand of magic and empowering them to come forward with it. She understands what brings joy to peoples’ lives.

Betty Sue Flowers is the former director of the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas and is a member of The Global Business Network, a consultant to NASA, a member of the Envisioning Network for General Motors, a writer of global scenarios for Shell Oil International in London, and a member of the World Business Council in Geneva.

Betty Sue Flowers has been a midwife for more students, individuals and groups than there is room to write. She was Bill Moyers’ co-editor for Healing and the Mind and A World of Ideas, and was very helpful to the late Joseph Campbell in the production of The Power of Myth.

Join us for Betty Sue Flowers’ second appearance on It's Rainmaking Time!® as we discuss important issues and opportunities before America today!

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