Bitcoin & Crowdfunding – Booming, Busting, and Birthing

by on October 6, 2014      

in Finance & Economics

Bitcoin and Crowdfunding panel - Reggie Middleton, Andreas Antonopoulos, Dave Scotese, Sam Guzik

Bitcoin and Crowdfunding panel: Reggie Middleton, Andreas Antonopoulos, Dave Scotese, Sam Guzik

Bitcoin – an emerging peer-to-peer payment system, cryptocurrency, trading platform and exchange system – has captured global interest in the last year. It is being used by, Richard Branson, and Max Keiser, and is so threatening to banks that JP Morgan Chase filed hundreds of patents that were rejected to try to compete with the Bitcoin Network. Bitcoin – a new, fast-growing financial ecosystem – is the first in recent history that presents an occasion and a bridge to get us out of the horrors of central banking.

Boom Bust Blog‘s Reggie Middleton – the “financial Nostradamus” who has predicted every boom and bust in the last six years – returns to It's Rainmaking Time!® for a hard-hitting discussion about financial ecosystems, crowdfunding, and Bitcoin. We’ll find out why Reggie is so invested in Bitcoin despite its volatility.

A seasoned entrepreneurial investor, Reggie Middleton guides a small team of independent analysts that are willing to speak truth to power, uncovering truths seldom published by the mainstream media and Wall Street analysts.

Reggie is a regular guest on Russia Today, Financial News, The Max Keiser Report, MSNBC, and many other news stations across the world.

We will talk to him about his brand-new beta product: Zero Trust Digital Currency contracts to be used with the Bitcoin network.

Our guest panel includes RootEleven founder, visionary, and Bitcoin programmer Andreas Antonopolous, who will explain why Bitcoin is like “the internet for money”.

Bitcoin trader and programmer Dave Scotese will provide deep thinking about what makes Bitcoin so important, and why the public should be involved in its development.

Sam Guzik, one of the most sophisticated and knowledgeable SEC lawyers regarding crowdfunding and investment, will cut through the hype, misinformation, and wrong perceptions surrounding equity crowdfunding to highlight current SEC conditions and real opportunities in the crowdfunding arena.

We’re pulling out all of the stops.

Original air date: 1/23/2014