Bruce Wiseman – Crisis By Design

by on February 6, 2010      

in Finance & Economics

Bruce Wiseman

Bruce Wiseman

Guest Bruce Wiseman, financial consultant and author of the book and movie Crisis By Design, introduces us to many of the causes of frozen credit markets, the downfall of industries and companies, the loss of peoples’ life savings and investments, and the elimination of jobs.

Global finance may be complex, but as Bruce Wiseman lays out the other pieces of the puzzle, it becomes apparent that there is something more to the events of the last few years. His insight into how such destruction was possible, and why it is still unfolding, is truly chilling.

We speak about the key elements involved, including the IMF, World Bank, the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, the Bank of International Settlements, the Waiver of Capital Requirements, the Global Monetary Authority, and the deals, instruments, and agencies responsible for the destruction of the worldwide financial system. If you want to understand monetary reality on a local and a global level, please join us with Bruce Wiseman!