Calling in The US Constitution Part 2

by on December 18, 2020      

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In Part 2 of “Calling in The US Constitution”, Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr. J.D. lays out the weak links in the judiciary, including The Supreme Courts and the Judges Dilemmas and clarifies who, in fact, makes remedies for fraud if fraud is discovered.  We discuss what happens if, on January 20, 2021, no president or vice president actually is qualified to be president and vice president of The United States? Yes, we actually go there.

As of the date of our discussion, (December 9th, 2020), what was Dr. Vieira’s advice to Potus 45, as to what to do over the matter of real election fraud. He discusses the key differences between civil and criminal remedies, specific to their power and scope. Be ready to discover what exactly the President’s Constitutional Function, Authority and Power really is concerning The Department of Justice, The Federal Bureau of Investigation and any other agencies including The Supreme Court. This may surprise many of you.

This segment moves fast and you will find yourselves moving right into The Commerce Clause and discover how it specifically relates to what’s unfolding with the loss of human rights and liberties, beginning with the arrival of Covid-19. Dr. Vieira shares how (Equal Protection under The Law) should be applied in the case of riots and damages to people, property and the operation of businesses.

In more sensitive areas, he shares the Constitutionality of (Bills of Attainer), aka, Kill lists and how this matter should be dealt with.

Last, but not least, Dr. Vieira addresses the specifics of what any President must do should the normal mechanisms of Constitutional Accountability are not working and those in power are not keeping their oaths of office and have in essence, gone rogue.

You may find out that Marshall Law may not be the remedy you ever want invoked.

Look out for an intense, fast moving ride in Calling in The Constitution in its most clear expression and marvelous foundation for securing a Free State.

It’s Rainmaking Time!
Kim Greenhouse

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1 Keith Ryan January 11, 2021 at 8:40 am

Thank you, Kim! Another fantastic interview. Great questions and an opportunity to hear from a Constitutional expert about our rights during the tribulation we are facing in our country today.


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