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by on May 14, 2010      

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Carol Gurney

Carol Gurney

Many of us do not understand what animals are telling us. Some of us secretly want to learn how to talk to our pets. This skill can now be taught online and in person! We explore the exciting world of animal communication with Carol Gurney, a world renowned animal communications expert and founder of The Gurney Institute – the only global center dedicated to expanding and sustaining the credibility and integrity of the Animal Communication industry. Carol Gurney is also the author of the book The Language of Animals: 7 Steps To Communicating With Animals.

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1 Jennifer Rayl August 8, 2010 at 11:04 am

I lost my Boston Terrier about a month ago and feel he is trying to communicate with me. I would like to know if he has reincarnated and if so, where I can find the new body of his soul. If it is in a puppy’s body, I would like to try and obtain this pup, or other animal. What if someone has already purchased him in his reincarnated form? How could you convince them that you need and should be the caretaker?
Hoping you can help!


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