Charlotte Harris Rees – Secret Maps of the Ancient World

by on February 26, 2010      

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Charlotte Harris Rees

Charlotte Harris Rees

Charlotte Harris Rees, the author of Secret Maps of the Ancient World, embarked on an exciting journey of discovery after finding out that her late father, Dr. Hendon Harris Jr., had been right: the Chinese were in America thousands of years before Columbus. Charlotte Harris Rees’ book lays out overwhelming evidence (including DNA tests) in support of her father’s conclusions. For years after his death in 1981, Dr. Harris’ map collection lay forgotten in a box under his son’s bed. Hoping to verify their accuracy, Charlotte and her brother took the maps to the Library of Congress in 2003, where they have been studied for the last few years.

In this exciting segment, Charlotte Harris Rees tells us how DNA sampling can reveal the entire migration history of a people, recounts her experiences with the Library of Congress, and shares her thoughts on why this startling discovery has been overlooked despite having been in plain sight. This is a great time to rethink history and to step into the thrill of discovery. Join us in this modern-day adventure!

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1 Bernard February 28, 2010 at 3:20 am

Why would America wants to admit that the Chinese discovered America? China is not exactly America’s best friend.


2 Toby March 6, 2010 at 7:04 am

To manipulate history is a crime to humanity. A license Engineer who manipulate data to falsify the result is same of guilty to a crime. True History will come in time, But those who falsify it will be known and will go down in infamy.


3 Peter Hirsch March 8, 2010 at 4:42 am

Jared Diamond in “Guns, Germs & Steel – a short history of the last 13,000 years” on page 412 briefly describes the Chinese treasure ships and the retreat of China into isolationism after 1433 AD, contrasting the Chinese record with the European entrance into the age of discovery.

Diamond, Professor of Physiology at UCLA and author of “The third Chimpanzee”, is very much a main-stream scholar. It would seem that early Chinese voyages is gaining acceptance, indeed respectability.

How early the first voyages were is very much a matter of debate. The earliest I am aware of is the evidence at Monte Verde in Chile that a settlement was established 12,500 years ago. It may be thought likely that the people travelled largely in small boats by sea along the coast, the easiest way to travel in trackless and mountainous terrain – and the voyages they made are unlikely to have been one way.


4 Henry March 10, 2010 at 11:48 am

In the movie “National Treasure: Book of Secrets “, Emily Appleton found some characters in the city of gold,
she says “This is gonna unlock the Olmec language.It’s gonna give us incredible insight into Pre-Columbian history!”
The first three characters are Olmec, but the rest(those in the picture) are Chinese. I think its very improper yet interesting detail.

But i remember seeing the pictures of a bronze sculpture from Shang dynasty of China and a Mayan stone sculpture from browsing some website few years ago, the two are almost identical.
There must be some kind of cultural connection or interaction between the two continents in ancient time.


5 Peter Knopfler March 28, 2010 at 4:34 pm

Why not Edgar Cayce wrote of lost continent of Atlanti and the lost continent inthe Pacific Lemuria, see the Atlantean pillars in Tula Mexico, you will be impressed. Also the connection to Polynesians, who do not look chinese, or aborigines of Australia do not look chinese. Incas, Mayans can look chinese, much is missingt and unknown. China has thousands of Pyramids but not one unearthed.


6 Erica Elliot September 4, 2010 at 1:22 pm

I always think back on the deliberate burning of the Alexandria Library which had ancient secrets for our retrospective. However it is lost and gone forever; I always wonder what our civilized world could have been if this evil act had not been committed.


7 JC July 28, 2014 at 7:02 am

This story sheds some light on the truth yet over looks several glaring facts. Has anyone taken into account that mythology has more truth than religion? Let’s begin with the Nagas who are a Devine race of Asiatic-African people, who populated the Asian continent initially. The Nagas are regarded as a serpentine people or race. Thus the pictorials of serpents are dragons that reference ones Kundalini energy. You still see terms like Nagasaki. Thus the lions and dragons are an homage to where it’s culture comes from since there are no lions in Africa. The Mons people came from Africa by way of a seasonal wind and there mark is left with whole cities carved in stone prophesying about the coming of God in the flesh in Present day America. My question is does anyone posses a map prior to America with the property of the Barbary states/Amexem/Turtle island?


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