Charlotte Harris Rees – Secret Maps of the Ancient World

by on February 26, 2010      

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Charlotte Harris Rees

Charlotte Harris Rees

Charlotte Harris Rees, the author of Secret Maps of the Ancient World, embarked on an exciting journey of discovery after finding out that her late father, Dr. Hendon Harris Jr., had been right: the Chinese were in America thousands of years before Columbus. Charlotte Harris Rees’ book lays out overwhelming evidence (including DNA tests) in support of her father’s conclusions. For years after his death in 1981, Dr. Harris’ map collection lay forgotten in a box under his son’s bed. Hoping to verify their accuracy, Charlotte and her brother took the maps to the Library of Congress in 2003, where they have been studied for the last few years.

In this exciting segment, Charlotte Harris Rees tells us how DNA sampling can reveal the entire migration history of a people, recounts her experiences with the Library of Congress, and shares her thoughts on why this startling discovery has been overlooked despite having been in plain sight. This is a great time to rethink history and to step into the thrill of discovery. Join us in this modern-day adventure!