Cody Lundin – Be Prepared To Survive

by on June 8, 2010      

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Cody Lundin

Cody Lundin

Author and survival trainer Cody Lundin shares his life’s work about survival knowledge so that we can survive when all hell breaks loose. His books should be required reading for all adults and teenagers as basic courses in preparedness. Using a no-nonsense approach, Cody Lundin lays out every single thing we will confront during a time of emergency. We will be discussing two of his books – When All Hell Breaks Loose and 98.6: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive.

With the changes that are occurring around the earth, either naturally or because of interference with our environment – Cody Lundin’s books may be essential. Buy them, read them, and pray that we never need to use the knowledge they contain!