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by on March 1, 2004      

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Dr. Dean Bonlie

Dr. Dean Bonlie

It was simple curiosity that prompted Dr. Dean Bonlie to begin researching the effects of magnetism on the human body – but unbeknownst to him, he had caught a tiger by the tail. Prior to founding Magnetico Inc., the focus of his research was shaped by three key factors. Firstly, Dr. Dean Bonlie has suffered from severe arthritic back pain since he was a teenager. Secondly, he observed distinct (but temporary) health benefits resulting from the use of small magnets and poorly designed magnetic mattress pads. Finally, he learned that our planet’s magnetic field had decreased by 80% over the last 4,000 years. Curiosity gave way to experimentation as he began developing a new magnetic mattress pad for his own personal use – and achieved a startling recovery from his debilitating arthritis. Inspired by the results, he refined the pad’s design for family and friends. Before long, public demand led Dr. Dean Bonlie to patent the Magnetico Sleep Pad, a revolutionary solution that promotes health by mimicking the full strength of Earth’s geomagnetic field. Dr. Dean Bonlie went on to develop a high strength clinical treatment magnet called the Magnetic Molecular Energizer (MME), which is currently awaiting FDA approval.

Dr. Dean Bonlie is currently recognized as an expert researcher, pioneer, and leading authority on biomagnetism. Join us with Dr. Bonlie as we explore the applications of magnetic therapy, the Earth’s geomagnetic field, and the role of magnetism in bodily health.