Dr. Edmund Chein – Telomerase & The Fountain of Youth

by on February 1, 2010      

in Health & Wellness

Dr. Edmund Chein

Dr. Edmund Chein

In this show, we speak with Dr. Edmund Chein, the author of The Origin of Beauty & Youth (PDF). Dr. Edmund Chein is the founder of the Life Extension Institute (Palm Springs, CA) and a long-standing advocate of life extension and human growth hormone.

Dr. Edmund Chein highlights exciting discoveries about the way human growth hormone extends our lives and prolongs youth. He also explains how telomerase lengthens the telomere portion of our DNA, and how it achieves youthful cell replications and perpetual non-dying cells in the laboratory. The findings are thrilling. Many scientists have dedicated their entire lives to exploring how we can regain our youth, health, fitness, and energy. People of every country, religious background, and field of expertise are looking for the keys to The Fountain of Youth.

Recently, three scientists received the Nobel Prize for this important body of discovery, which now validates many years of Dr. Edmund Chein’s life extension work. Join us as Dr. Edmund Chein calls in from China to explain this exciting new body of discovery, how it ties into regaining biological youth and hormone levels, and how it can give us the energy we had in our twenties.