Dr. Mark Sircus – Medical Marijuana Revelations

by on June 3, 2013      

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Dr. Mark Sircus

Dr. Mark Sircus

Despite great legal and industrial opposition, medical marijuana has proven effective in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation, as well as diseases like cancer and diabetes. As of last October, it is legal to buy Medical Marijuana Cannabidiol (CBD), a powerful anti-inflammatory THC-free nutraceutical. An October 21, 2012 60 Minutes segment titled “Rocky Mountain High” covered the burgeoning medical marijuana industry in Denver, Colorado, highlighting companies like Dixie Elixirs, Medical Marijuana Inc., and Edibles Brand, which exist outside of the medical industrial complex.

Marijuana has been variously revered and reviled throughout the history of civilization. Dr. Mark Sircus, the director of the IMVA, feels that the current legal landscape surrounding marijuana is one of the hugest wrongs that exists in the world today. He returns to It’s Rainmaking Time!® to discuss the history, evolution, and science of cannabis. In this segment, we will explore his book Medical Marijuana, the shifting debates about marijuana legalization and its medicinal value, and how it can be used with magnesium to safely self-treat chronic pain, degenerative disease, and exposure to radiation and environmental pollutants. Tune in as Dr. Mark Sircus guides us through controversy and prohibition to the promise of medical marijuana.

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1 Hank Heister June 3, 2013 at 1:19 pm

Kim, great work! Dr. Sircus is one of the worlds’ great voices of medical freedom. His books are treasures! This topic is possibly one of the most important for people to learn about. Cannabis is almost free and the most important plant on earth for everyone! It will save your life and is the most defensive weapon that we have available! Thank you once again for your priceless work!


2 bradford June 4, 2013 at 11:13 am

Your guest said “states don’t care about the feds anymore” My country tried this once…when the ANV surrendered that was the end of states rights. the feds don no give a damn what the states believe they will be happy to put a person away for a very Long Time.

Be careful when dealing with the federals….states rights not just for racist anymore!!!


3 mhikl June 5, 2013 at 11:56 pm

Kim, after listening to your pod castes on iodine, I now make my own Lugol’s Iodine and was able to get both parts from a drug store and a privately run chemical store used by teachers. I use the iodine to wash my vegetables and meats and we take it daily. Eventually we shall move to British Columbia and be able to grow our own Ativa Marijuana and make the hemp oil for health.

Again, thank you for helping us with important information to our lives. I post a link to your site whenever possible and talk to friends and strangers (I am a chatty type). Interestingly, only those who think outside the box show interest in Rainmaking and I have read that only 5-7% of the population are so blessed with this characteristic. I met a young fellow in his early twenties while on holidays and the next morning he saw me and came to say he had listened to your programme, Magnetism in Climate Change. He was so impressed and plans to spend a lot of time on your site.

Another important person that should be interviewed is Dr John E. Sarno, a trained back surgeon who believes chronic pain is generated by repressed thoughts, not by physical irregularities, ageing or damage. He has written a number of books but his “Healing Back Pain” has literally changed my life and the easiest to use. The pain is caused by what he terms TMS (Tension Myositis/Myoneural Syndrome) or MBC (The Mind Body Connexion). I have healed a toe pain I have suffered for forty years which feels like a piano wire being pulled between two small toes; chronic back pain, tennis elbow, debilitating neck pain. I reread his book a few months ago and was reminded that skin diseases are a result of TMS. It was a eureka moment when I suddenly realised that the eczema that came to inflict me in my 60th year is caused by this TMS. I immediately began to meditate on it telling my mind (the little protector I call him) to rest and I would look after him, the he needn’t take on my worries. Amazingly my legs immediately began to get very warm and turned from cold purple in colour to rosy warm as the constrictions on the blood flow were allowed to open. It has been two months and except for damaged spots that are barely noticeable, the itch, scaling, dry skin and cold legs are gone. My doctor thought I had heart disease though tests showed I do not. My problems were just due to TMS.

Dr Sarno is now ninety and very active and last year spoke before some US government committee on pain in America, that the senator? / congressman? had orchestrated, solely, I believe to get Dr Sarno’s ideas on record. He is incredibly clever a great pioneer in his field of study, and has had to fight against the same industries and wrong thinking that the other doctors you have interviewed on marijuana, backing soda and cancer treatments have suffered.You have been so wonderfully supportive in your interviews I hope you may find time for this caring man.

From Wikipedia: John E. Sarno (born 1923) is Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University School of Medicine, and attending physician at the Howard A. Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University Medical Center.

On February 14, 2012, John Sarno, MD appeared before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, and Pensions to address ‘Pain in America: Exploring Challenges to Relief’. The committee was chaired by Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) who was very supportive of the mind-body connection espoused by Dr. Sarno’s treatment approach to pain. In fact Senator Harkin describes his own successful experience with pain relief from reading Dr. Sarno’s books. Senator Harkin relates how his niece’s chronic pain symptomatology from fibromyalgia resolved after reading Dr. Sarno’s books as well.

A recording of the hearing, with Senator Harkin’s account of his own experience (beginning 101 mins. 15 secs. into the video) can be viewed here: “Full Committee Hearing – Pain in America: Exploring Challenges to Relief”. 2012-02-14.

Sadly, the doctors and pain sufferers who participated in the committee seemed unaffected by Dr Sarno’s participation on the subject of pain.


4 Grace Guardado June 19, 2013 at 9:32 am

I hope all is well!

I have server Bell`s Palsy now both side of my face. The doctors here in the states all they want to do is to run my insurance bill. This is a very sad place for the sick. If you can seek for me more info on this please let me know all they want to do is to operate around my ears and also they only want to do one side. I think because they know that I can’t hardly afford the co-pay and year deductibles…

This could be a good topic for a lot of who suffered for years with this embarrassing facial paralysis.




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