Dr. Mitch Taylor – An Inquiry About Polar Bears

by on January 8, 2010      

in Animal Kingdom, Environment

We have heard plenty about diminishing polar bear populations and the loss of their habitats due to melting sea ice. I thought it was about time that we defined an initial frame of reference for polar bears in order to empower personal inquiry into their status. Dr. Mitch Taylor has 30 years of professional experience studying polar bears firsthand in the field. Consider this segment an introduction to polar bears through one man’s professional life amongst them.

Now more than ever, anyone doing this kind of work is worth listening to and learning from. Mitch Taylor’s perspective is refreshing and rare. Despite the confusion and conflict surrounding climate, one thing is for sure: many of us are concerned about our friends, the polar bears. Spend some time with us and learn about these beautiful animals that many of us have come to love.

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1 John Harding October 31, 2015 at 8:14 am


Do you have contact details for Mitch Taylor?

I have reason to believe I may have the answer for the Polar Bear debate.

For 25 years I have studied another specie and found without a natural phenomenon species will falter and perish.

Thank you.


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