Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez – Why Steve Jobs Really Died

by on March 2, 2015      

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Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez returns to discuss cancer treatments that shortened Steve Jobs’ life. In this interview, we talk about the power of the medical priesthood, the unnecessary and dangerous experimental procedures performed on Mr. Jobs, protocols for optimizing health, and why celebrities are unusually vulnerable to medical hypnosis and peer pressure.

The recent interview with Walter Isaacson (the author of Steve Jobs) and various television, radio, and print media suggest that Steve Jobs practically did himself in by drinking carrot juice, eating herbs, and waiting 9 months to pursue traditional cancer treatment. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

It's Rainmaking Time!® loves Apple products and appreciates all that Steve Jobs has brought the world. We want to honor his family, who is grieving the loss of a husband, father, and brother.

This segment with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez is dedicated to Steve Jobs, a remarkable visionary who – even with his genius, stature, access and financial position – was seduced by a powerful medical priesthood that performed unnecessary and dangerous surgeries and “treated” him with cancer-accelerating drugs. Steve, this one is for you.
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Original air date: November 3, 2011