Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Blanche – Holographic Technology Breakthroughs

by on November 13, 2010      

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Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Blanche

Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Blanche

Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Blanche joins us to discuss breakthroughs in holographic technology. The possibility of full-color, rewritable, holographic 3D displays and televisions appear to be on the horizon. Nature just published an article about holography breakthroughs this month.

While our military and the space industrial complex (e.g. NASA and Applied Research) has many patents on this technology for warfare and national security interests, it will bring about a new paradigm for telepresence, entertainment, and educational uses. Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Blanche presents the latest holography breakthroughs in the public domain.

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1 Robert November 13, 2010 at 10:49 am

Dear Kim

My eyes can´t see 3D. For me holographic 3D displays are flat.
Also years ago I went to a 3D movie. I only saw red, green, blue and I believe yellow lines. Sure there are more people like me. In the real world it is not a big probleme because my brain translates what my eyes can´t see.

I also see a big danger for kids. If playstations already now create addiction what if they can play in 3D. Sure they don´t want to live in the boring real world or make mistakes and start jumping out off windows because that is what they can do in there games.

And the military . They already now kill people like in a playstation game from a distance. You want more off that? You want them to do that in your country? Of course to protect you.



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