Dr. Richard Lippman – Free Radical Scavengers

by on July 15, 2011      

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Dr. Richard Lippman

Dr. Richard Lippman

It’s Rainmaking Time!® continues its exploration of the life extension paradigm with Nobel Prize candidate Dr. Richard Lippman, the author of Stay 40 Without Diet or Exercise. Dr. Lippman’s career has been primarily focused on groundbreaking anti-aging research. He is responsible for the discovery of the free-radical inhibiting compound NDGA (nordihydroguaiaretic acid), which received various world patents in 1987 and yielded the only US patent with claims to retard aging. He also invented two noninvasive methods of monitoring free radicals in the body, and developed ACF228, the world’s most powerful formulation of free radical scavengers. Dr. Lippman is also the inventor of the nicotine patch and has performed extensive medical research on the impact of transdermal vitamin B12, weight loss, and melatonin on human aging.

This interview covers a wide range of health and aging-related topics, including hormone balancing, testosterone myths, the importance of bioidentical hormones, tips for preventing cancer and radiation damage, the correct sources for omega-3 EFAs, thyroid disorders and Hashimoto’s disease, the importance of 24-hour urine tests, and life extension for animals. Join us as Dr. Richard Lippman guides us through the realm of cutting edge anti-aging research.