Dr. Tim Ball – Venus in Transit: A Brief History

by on June 8, 2012      

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Dr. Tim Ball

Dr. Tim Ball

In the sea of twinkling diamonds that is the evening sky, she shines most brightly. Long after night fades into day, she remains visible to the naked eye – and on June 6th 2012, Venus made her last transit in front of the Sun until 2117. Known as the Earth’s “sister planet” – and the only one in our solar system that rotates clockwise – Venus has attracted the interest of the Masonic brotherhood, European aristocracy, and students of both astrology and astronomy for centuries. Dr. Tim Ball returns to the show to celebrate the 54th observation of the transit of Venus with a colorful history that details the contributions of Johannes Kepler and Nicolaus Copernicus, the scientific basis of astrology, and how Venus played into the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

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