Dr. William Davis – The Benefits of Becoming Wheat-Free

by on December 13, 2011      

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Dr. William Davis

Dr. William Davis, author
of the bestselling book
Wheat Belly

It’s Rainmaking Time!® endeavors to separate the wheat from the chaff; but Dr. William Davis, the author of Wheat Belly, questions wheat altogether. You will never look at bread the same way again after he shares his startling findings on wheat. A preventive cardiologist, recognized public speaker on the health effects of wheat, and the founder of the Track Your Plaque program for heart disease prevention and reversal, Dr. William Davis discovered that removing wheat from the diet can reduce body weight by 25-30 pounds over several months, relieve arthritis, asthma, acid reflux, and irritable bowel syndrome, and improve circulation, mental clarity, and emotional stability. In this segment, we go far beyond celiac disease and gluten intolerance into a vast web of destructive health effects uniquely caused by wheat, one of the most widely produced grains in the history of humankind.