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Honoring Robin Williams

August 13, 2014

Kim Greenhouse honors Robin Williams and his monumental body of work.

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Being Part of The Human Family

March 17, 2014

What can be done to elevate humanity in the modern day, full of busy people who are in a hurry to meet their scheduled appointments and commitments, when life just happens and animals get hit on the road? Tune in as Kim offers her take on what it means to be part of the human family.

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The Oprah Winfrey Network – Liberation and OWNership

January 1, 2014

Kim Greenhouse outlines many of the difficulties involved in broadcasting, and what it will take to liberate broadcast media from a parasitic advertising culture that prioritizes profit over integrity.

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Happy Holidays from It's Rainmaking Time!®

November 27, 2013

Kim shares a funny Thanksgiving experience. Thanks to our listeners, and happy holidays!

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Remembering Dr. James Privitera

October 21, 2013

Former guest Dr. James Privitera, the author of Silent Clots, was a champion for health and medical freedom. Sadly, Dr. Privitera passed away on September 23rd. Tune in for a heartfelt commentary from Kim commemorating his contributions in life and her experience of this marvelous doctor.

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9/11: Horror to Illumination

September 11, 2013

Twelve years after the events of 9/11, Kim Greenhouse comments on finding closure over the loss of loved ones, the defilement of public inquiry, and honoring those who lost their lives on that tragic day.

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God Help Us All!

July 29, 2013

Kim shares wacky commentary about her trip to the South of France and her wild interactions with the French in series of kooky adventures.

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Nia Vardalos Promo – Advertise With Us

July 13, 2013

Advertising opportunities now available for Kim’s interview with Instant Mom author Nia Vardalos, the writer and star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Call (626) 398-8652 for details!

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To Fathers Everywhere

June 16, 2013

To celebrate Father’s Day, Kim talks about her relationship with her father and shares her insights into the dynamic role of fathers, the complexity involved in fatherhood, and nuances that are rarely acknowledged.

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To Mothers Everywhere

May 9, 2013

A short Mother’s Day commentary by Kim Greenhouse.

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