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Ruth Hedges – A New Equity Crowdfunding Occasion

October 7, 2013

Entrepreneurs have been waiting for the ban on funding solicitation to be lifted so that equity-based crowdfunding can begin. Crowdfunding prime mover Ruth Hedges shares the next big thing in US equity funding.

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Scott Patterson – Meet the Quants

February 18, 2013

Scott Patterson, Wall Street Journal staff reporter and author of The Quants, outlines the incredible and frightening paradigm of high frequency trading.

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Dr. Muhammad Yunus – A Banking System Built On Trust

February 11, 2013

Grameen Bank founder Dr. Muhammad Yunus is the brainchild behind micro-finance. Learn more about this exemplary human being in our special interview!

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G. Edward Griffin – Understanding The Federal Reserve

February 4, 2013

Where did the Federal Reserve come from, and what do they actually do? G. Edward Griffin, the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, sheds light on the private bank’s clandestine origins.

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Bruce Wiseman – Crisis By Design

January 28, 2013

Crisis By Design author Bruce Wiseman explains the worldwide economic crash, the events that created it, and the players involved.

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Bill Murphy – Gold Price Suppression Schemes

November 12, 2012

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy discusses the outcome of GATA’s lawsuit against the Federal Reserve under the Freedom of Information Act, the Fed’s secret gold swap arrangements with foreign banks, the United States Treasury’s power to confiscate wealth, and the mechanisms used to fix the market and suppress the real price of gold and other precious metals.

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Michael Markowski – Crowdfunding, Stock Health, & Investing

October 22, 2012

Investor Michael Markowski shares his professional views on crowdfunding, best practices for picking stocks, and companies that might be on your financial radar.

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Ali Agha – Examining the Iraqi Dinar

October 15, 2012

Join us with Ali Agha, the owner of Dinar Trade, as we look under the hood of a quietly buzzing currency opportunity.

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James Turk – Investing in Goldmoney Is Safe & Smart

October 9, 2012

James Turk, the chairman of the Goldmoney Foundation and Goldmoney, discusses the current fiat currency bubble, the conditions of Spain and Greece, and several new aspects of the Goldmoney system.

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Dave Krieger – Clouded Titles: The Next Step

October 1, 2012

Due to the overwhelming phone and email response to Dave Krieger’s first appearance on the show, we’ve invited him back to discuss remedies and solutions for a real estate industry gone mad. Learn to protect yourself in the predatory legal and financial landscape that surrounds property ownership today.

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