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by on April 11, 2017      

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This video is the first introduction toward taking It’s Rainmaking Time! into a video and television format, while establishing an ecosystem that’s quite different from where most of us are dwelling. For those of you who write emails to It’s Rainmaking Time! and tell us how much you love the show, this is the time to circulate this Crowd Funding Campaign and Make Your Commitments, in whatever way you can, toward causing a totally kind of broadcast space to come to life.

The information and electronic age has overwhelmed  and overtaken most of our lives and energetically captured and sustained our attention with content and messaging that doesn’t serve us, our communities or, this civilization.

If you love this show and appreciate the work that’s provided here, we’re calling you in to step forward with your financial commitments. It’s evident as each day in the world goes by, the stakes for doing more of the same are getting higher and higher. Leadership has happened by formal power and what’s needed now is Stewardship. Formal Leadership and Stewardship are not the same.

Dr. Yunus of The Grameen Bank, showed us the power of micro-financing a new banking system that bypassed the money changers and demonstrated that lending need ever be a collateralized. The profound nature of what he did went on for many years before he got the Nobel Peace Prize. A few years after he got the Nobel Peace Prize for his marvel of a bank, after accumulating several billion of capital, it was removed by his own government. He was forced to leave on a technicality. He was told that he is too old to run The Grameen Bank. Please see my interview with him before he got the Nobel Peace Prize.

Why you have not heard his real story and how Grameen was seized is very profound. It speaks to exactly what I’m communicating. You’re not getting “news”. You’re not receiving some of the most profound discoveries that are going on today and you never will, until something totally different is funded and structured using the most advanced knowledge of Quantum Physics & Chaos.

For those of you who complain about the broadcast space of the world, who have resigned yourselves to using and depending on You Tube, Google, Skype, Facebook and Twitter, don’t give up on the prospect of very different life-giving ecosystems emerging to give humanity what it really needs.

None of these ecosystems, which started off very differently, have what’s needed to expand the mind, body and spirit and to empower a more conscious, kind and prospering world. “Liking” something on Facebook is no match for real giving and fundraising, even in this totally synthetic economy. Armchair Virtual Likes are a farce, in the face of the level and depth of tyranny and the large-scale abuse of power that has entrapped this entire civilization.

If you want to see something different have its way in this world beyond these ecosystems, you must step forward and be part of funding it and be part of building and securing a different ecosystem that’s Free and Clear to build without political bondage to any party or group.

There are good people in every religion, community and culture, everywhere in the world. There are good people, even in some of the worst, most destructive companies in the world. There are good people doing wonderfully generous work all over the world. Your commitments are more important now that ever before.

For those of you who wish to give in a more confidential way, you can in an “anonymous” section, by going over to the gofundme, It’s Rainmaking Time! Page. For those of you who wish to give via Bitcoin, Goldmoney or PayPal, please contact me directly.

For those of you who wish to fund the first leadership special in Paris, France coming up in the next few weeks, who would like your company known for sponsoring this Special Segment of It’s Rainmaking Time! beyond the Crowd Funding Space Ecosystem & Protocols and usher funds that will be available immediately, please contact me immediately at (626) 398-8652.

Why take a horse and buggy to another universe when you can just as well jump into a Modern Day Starship.

Who’s in?

Kim Greenhouse

It’s Rainmaking Time!


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