Good Cheer, Celebration, and Togetherness…

by on December 26, 2009      

in Announcements

What I love most about the holiday season is the collective excitement, the anticipation of time off, the togetherness that is often experienced during this time, and the break from the grind of daily living. But I often ask the question, “Why can’t we have this good cheer and expectancy all year?”

What prevents us from walking around like this year round? I think that it is partly habitual. We are programmed to survive the day-to-day, but not to live fully and happily in it. We set apart time for good cheer, togetherness, and the fulfillment of hopes. Is that crazy or what?

Why not live every day in the celebration of good cheer and togetherness? Good cheer should never be set apart. It is not dessert; it is food for the spirit, sustenance for living.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the holidays. I just wish we could expect this cheer and integrate it all year round. Imagine what that would produce! I can only wonder. How about you?