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Dr. Mark Sircus – Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy

May 5, 2014

Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy, a new e-book by Dr. Mark Sircus, presents a new therapy for safe administration of unlimited oxygen in your own home!

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Dane Wigington – Geoengineering: The End of All Life

March 10, 2014

Dane Wigington has dedicated his life to expose the short- and long-term threats posed by geoengineering, including massive plant and animal die-off and escalating human health concerns.

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John Ellis – The Hydrogen Bonding Angle of Water

March 2, 2014

Inventor John Ellis has revolutionized water filtration for decades with a lightweight, patented technology for energizing and distilling tap water. We discuss the history, evidence, and testimonials that support this unprecedented breakthrough in water structuring technology.

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Vicki Robin – Blessing the Hands That Feed Us

February 17, 2014

In Blessing the Hands that Feed Us, bestselling author Vicki Robin presents an inspiring memoir and a guide to the challenges and opportunities of eating and buying food locally (within a 10-mile radius of your home). We explore the experiences that shaped her book, the rights and health issues that underscore the locavore movement, and the vital role of local food systems in health, community, economy, and sovereignty.

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Dr. Shui Yin Lo – Chi and the Meridian System

January 4, 2014

We invited Dr. Shui Yin Lo to talk about the meridian system – so well-known in the the field of acupuncture – and its place in thermography and healing.

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Pat Criscito – Aloe Vera Science and Applications Revealed

December 22, 2013

While trying to find a solution for her sister’s interstitial cystitis, Pat Criscito – the co-founder and president of Desert Harvest – discovered aloe vera’s extensive history as a healing herb. Join us for a whole systems look at aloe vera manufacturing that is sure to delight supplement users!

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Sharry Edwards, M.Ed. – Bioacoustic Vocal Profiling Today

October 28, 2013

Bioacoustic vocal profiling can identify biomarkers in the voice that indicate imbalances in physical and emotional health. Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., the pioneer of this unique diagnostic technique and the founder of Sound Health Options, returns to provide a glimpse into the evolution of the field of bioacoustic vocal profiling in the last three years.

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Jim Humble – The Miracle Cure for Malaria

September 4, 2013

In May 2013, Genesis II Church of Health and Healing founder Jim Humble cooperated with the Red Cross to cure over 150 malaria cases with the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) in Luuka, Uganda. He joins us with journalist Daniel Bender to shed light on the science, the results, and the promise of MMS.

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Tom Paladino – Tesla Applications For Healing

July 1, 2013

Nikola Tesla, the progenitor of radiant energy research, sought to tap into the rarefied pulse of a primal energy existing everywhere in the universe. After 25 years of research, Tom Paladino appears to have effectively harnessed radiant energy – also known as prana, qi, zero point energy, orgone, or scalar energy – for the remote healing of pathogenic disease.

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Sydney Ross Singer – Bras and Breast Cancer

June 24, 2013

Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer stunned the world in 1995 with their book Dressed To Kill, which explored the link between bras and breast cancer. Find out how your own attitudes and behaviors contribute to disease, and how simple lifestyle changes can lead you back to health.

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