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Ancient Geomancy, Dowsing & Healing

December 21, 2017

One of the most delightful times that Kim had on her first visit to The Netherlands was with the magical and most memorable Sig Lonegren and his partner Karin and their canine wonder “Snoofie”. Having fled shut downs with 12 hours notice in Paris, Kim rushed to make an early train to Amsterdam and headed […]

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Donna Steenkamp – Restoring the U.S. Real Estate Market

June 16, 2014

Owning real estate is a major investment. Knowing exactly what you own is vital to true and accurate ownership. Donna Steenkamp’s patented 3-step remedy is the only legal solution to clearing clouded titles and repairing county land records across the country.

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Julio Morales – Eco-Friendly Bee Removal

March 25, 2013

Bee Green Natural Bee Removal is making eco-friendly bee hive removal an affordable option for the environmentally conscious. Join us with Bee Green founder Julio Morales for an exciting segment that touches on bee hive preservation, beekeeping methods, the bee’s critical role in the food supply, and a responsible approach to addressing colony collapse disorder.

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Alan Kreglow – Do You Really Own Your Land?

July 24, 2012

In the US, owning real estate doesn’t necessarily mean you own your land. Can a land patent help you secure your full property ownership rights? Tune in as Alan Kreglow explains the history and potential of this remarkable process.

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George Swanson – Living, Breathing Buildings

June 12, 2012

Buildings in Europe and Asia have been known to last from 300 to 3,000 years. Why do American buildings last only 30? According to George Swanson, the problem is that our buildings are usually made of cheap, harmful, subsidized chemicals.

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Carol Tanzi – Garbage As Arts And Crafts

April 22, 2012

Award-winning interior designer Carol Tanzi, “The Goddess of Garbage”, joined us on Earth Day to discuss the art of recycling.

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John Murphy – Aquaponics: From Fish to Feast

March 20, 2012

While city planners work to establish frameworks for urban food production and trade, Lettuce Evolve founder John Murphy has developed a novel approach for bringing food production into the home – no matter how small your home may be.

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Randy Brown – Soundproofing Your Windows

October 7, 2011

Randy Brown, founder and CEO of Soundproof Windows, introduces a revolutionary advancement in soundproofing that will act as a sound barrier and eliminate your noise problem.

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Rich Bergstrom – Healthy Ceramic Cookware

September 3, 2011

Rich Bergstrom discusses Ceramcor’s Xtrema line of non-toxic, environmentally safe cookware, bakeware, and teaware, and explains the risks of traditional cookware.

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Angi Ma Wong – Meet the Feng Shui Lady

August 2, 2010

Feng shui expert and best-selling author Angi Ma Wong discusses her life, her work, and the principles that underscore the art of feng shui.

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