James Turk – Investing in Goldmoney Is Safe & Smart

by on October 9, 2012      

in Finance & Economics

James Turk

James Turk

James Turk joins us again to discuss the current fiat currency bubble that we are in, the conditions of Spain and Greece and several aspects of the Goldmoney system that are new. As the chairman of the Goldmoney Foundation and Goldmoney, James Turk lays out how it is that conventional wisdom in finance and economics which assert that “gold is risky, volatile and has no role in a portfolio” is a myth. Governments often perpetuate certain myths that keep investors, wealth creators, financial planners, and CPAs in the dark about the safety and wisdom of investing in gold. I ask him hard-hitting questions about the nature of free markets, shorting stocks and how the current libor scandal has impacted gold. James Turk lays out the fiat currency bubble and shares a wealth of information and experience about how and why the stewardship of Goldmoney and the Goldmoney Foundation is the key to its success and safety. If you are concerned about what to do with your money, currency, assets, and investments, and are looking for a safer and smarter way to protect your purchasing power and grow your wealth, listen to this interview.

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