Jim Humble – The Miracle Cure for Malaria

by on September 4, 2013      

in Health & Wellness

Jim Humble

Jim Humble

On a mining expedition in Guyana in 1996, Jim Humble saved the lives of two of his crew members who became severely infected with malaria. He gave them a strong dose of chlorine dioxide, the active ingredient in the Master Mineral Solution or “MMS”. Four hours later they were back on their feet, eating dinner and joking with each other.

Bishop Jim Humble, the author of The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century and The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium, believes in good health for all mankind. In 2010, Jim founded the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, a non-religious church devoted to curing the sick and providing legal protection to those who do so. Today, 300+ Health Ministers in over 60 countries provide sacraments of Cleansing Water to the sick, and have treated over 5 million people for a variety of conditions using MMS, saving hundreds of thousands of lives and ending suffering for hundreds of thousands more.

MMS is an effective water purifier, but it kills harmful microorganisms and viruses as well. In May 2013, Jim Humble cooperated with the Red Cross to cure over 150 malaria cases with MMS in Luuka, Uganda. Last year, he successfully treated over 800 people with HIV/AIDS. MMS has even shown promising results for individuals suffering from autism.

Using the word “cure” attracts the scorn of the pharmaceutical cartel, and may be more trouble than it is worth for secular organizations or individuals – but by founding a unique church to serve mankind, Jim has found an innovative way to tell it like it is and ensure public access to this remarkable solution for years to come. Join us with Genesis II archbishop Jim Humble and journalist Daniel Bender as we shed light on the science, the results, and the promise of MMS.