Joe D'Aleo – Critical Details About Climate

by on August 23, 2010      

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Joe D'Aleo

Joe D'Aleo

Originally a guest on our first show on climate, ICECAP.US founder Joe D'Aleo joins us to discuss Surface Temperatures: A Policy Driven Deception, a new report that he co-wrote with Watts Up With That founder Anthony Watts.

Joe D'Aleo separates fact from fiction about CO2 and outlines its benefits and functions. Join us and learn how the EPA declared CO2 a toxin based on the analysis of a team with an agenda to control the future of energy.

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1 Rebecca August 24, 2010 at 11:29 am

I am so grateful that Joe D’Aleo was able to speak honestly and candidly about weather and climate on a show that is free to the public. What a relief and a joy to know there are still some news outlets that have integrity. You won’t hear this in the mainstream media. I learned so much. All environmental activists need to have this information if we are going to shift the public’s attention to authentic free energy solutions. The light bulb issue is just horrendous. I am embarrassed that I bought into it. The EPA is completely compromised and the mainstream media is complicit. We need to withdraw all funding and support of anyone or anything that directly or indirectly promotes or encourages this Co2 propaganda. I invite everyone to reevaluate the big non-profits; especially the ones being advertised on the mainstream media. I have found most of the ones that are household names with recognizable logos and supported by film actors are not legit. Here is a hint–Why are all the non-profits who are normally trying to save this and that so quiet about the gulf oil spill, the largest environmental disaster in history? AND–Don’t give any money to organizations who scare you with footage of polar bears floating on tiny little ice chunks. If you listen to the first climate story “A hot potato” (in the archives) you will find that the polar bears thrive better when a little ice has melted.
I’ll get off my soap box now (This show got me all riled up)–Thank you!!


2 Robert August 24, 2010 at 12:21 pm

Anthony Watts

Watts Up With That?


3 Robert August 24, 2010 at 1:15 pm

If you don´t like mercury in your lightbulb because it´s toxic, why we let them inject it in our body?

How Mercury Kills The Brain: Vaccines & Autism
video from the University of Calgary thoroughly shows how brain cells degenerate and die when being exposed to mercury. This is the same neurotoxin that is found in vaccines


Let´s talk about Fluoride also toxic.

You think THEY don´t know this?


4 Snowboarder 4 life August 30, 2010 at 10:50 pm

great show, i hope that the EPA is stopped before its to late. btw i wish a climatoligist could tell me why so much of the earth was much wetter during the iceage. i can’t find a answer to that question and i have been looking for years now.


5 Bernard August 31, 2010 at 12:55 am

The EPA is a POLITICAL body not a science one… their function is to further government’s corrupt agenda.


6 Nicolas August 31, 2010 at 10:37 am

Wow nearly everyone with a government job lies ;o)
How amazing!!!

These must be the guys everybody hated at school!!!

I still wish they would go away because they’re born losers ;o)

May The Creator Of All take care of you all



7 Paul Starr October 17, 2010 at 5:21 am

As a contrarian I tend to survive well against the odds.
I see the Greens and Socialists as con artists – truth undermines them every time.
They want us to use less coal power so they encourage us to put up solar power. However, since we are conditioned to spending $400 a quarter on electricity, and the next bill is zero thanks to the solar power, we then use more electricity because now we can afford to leave the A/C on longer.
Thanks to solar power there is going to be an incrtease in the output of carbon.
I understand that if the planet is to descend into global cooling it must first build up some resistance (we are already experiencing crop failures) by increasing the level of CO2. At just 0.04% of the atmosphere it amazing how so little serves our planet well.
I believe we must all proove we were here and create the largest carbon footprint we can. Carbon is the building block that created us and all things in the first place. We exist only because flowering plants exist. The humble bee is our best friend. There is no time for contemplation of ones navel or climate change but we might do well to contemplate the depletion of fish in our ocean. We might do well to understand the Hegelian Dialectic strategy being used against us by the socialists.
We might understand that here in Australia the government has divided our tiny 1.2% of global carbon output by the population of 22 million….that this is a trick (political terrorism) to bring down guilt on each citizen to feel personally responsible for something called climate change to which I would subscribe is vital to life in the first instance.
Everything you can think of that has more than one oxygen atom is capeable of purification and fights bacteria. H2O2 is hydrogen pyroxide. O3 is ozone. H3OOH is a radical known as living water that fights unwanted bacteria – it is what the human cell makes for its defence. CO2 is converted by photosythesis into the building of all plants thus giving off that extra oxygen atom for us to breathe. The planet is in control not us.
Stay true to yourself, love your family, laugh and have fun. It’s a beautiful world and all is well !


8 Barry Fisher November 6, 2010 at 7:13 pm

A new Ice Age is coming. We need to help people to understand this is a cyclical event and occurs naturally every 11,500 years on planet Earth.
As a scientist, I have been talking about this for many years. Recently, new events, have changed the timeline for the projected onset of the cooling cycle that have not been considered in the climate models.
The Oil spill in the gulf of mexico, and the recent volcanic eruptions over the past 5 months will have a significant impact on the climate. The oil spill oil has been tracked by satelite and has crossed the atlantic ocean. The oil has effectively reduced the ability of the gulf stream to transfer the warm water to the north atlantic thereby removing the warming influence that ireland, england,and the scandinavian countries received from the warm water. The loop current, the gulf stream, the North Atlantic Drift, and the Norway current are currently devoid of that heat. The dispersion occured as a direct interaction between the saline barrier and the oil
that was introduced into it by the Oil Spill. We will see the winter weather become harsher this year. The cold air and snowfall will increase in severity and will become dramatically and, over the next few years, become progressively worse. We are entering a new Ice Age much faster than the predicted 3 to 10 years. Prepare for this event to begin this winter.


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