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by on April 14, 2011      

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John Olagues

John Olagues

If you want to understand stock options for employees – or the options world in general – then John Olagues of Truth In Options is your man. We all need to know how they work and how we can put them to better use for ourselves and our loved ones. Throughout John Olagues’ career, he has been a market maker, a trader, a stock broker, and a member of the Pacific Stock Exchange. He has also traded at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and has been a professional real estate investor.

John Olagues was trading options and stocks during the Bear Stearns collapse, and holds a wealth of insight into what actually happened. He has never seen a large stock go down so quickly in his entire professional life. In this extensive interview, we go behind the scenes of employee stock options and discuss the deceptive practices that make them worth your attention.