Jon Gabriel – Weight Loss Without Diets: The Gabriel Method

by on May 18, 2010      

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Jon Gabriel

Jon Gabriel

Jon Gabriel is the author of the revolutionary book The Gabriel Method. Jon Gabriel has a promising message for people all around the world. A former bond trader who once weighed over 400 pounds, Jon threw out his scale in 2001 and transformed his life, losing 220 pounds in two and a half years without dieting.

While in college, Jon Gabriel pursued extensive coursework in biochemistry, researching with renowned biochemist Dr. Jose Rabinowitz. He has discovered that our bodies actually want to be fat. Many of us do not accept this because current health education paradigms have taught us otherwise.

Jon Gabriel has a gift for explaining the elements and processes that cause the body to store fat. Recognizing that the body works intelligently, he sheds light on the body’s famine and temperature programs, the subconscious mind, the power of visualization, and shares his own experiences with overcoming obesity.

Join us as we journey into an exciting new weight loss paradigm as Jon Gabriel shares how we can get the bodies we want. Tune in and get the skinny on The Gabriel Method!

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1 Karin May 31, 2010 at 6:12 pm

I loved the interview with John Gabriel. I can’t wait to read the book. Kim, you are a great interviewer.



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