Why We Should All See Julie & Julia

by on December 20, 2009      

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I just saw Julie & Julia the other night and I was so surprised and delighted that I am moved to blog about it. Firstly, Nora Ephron (who I want to interview in early 2010) did a spectacular job directing and producing this film. She is awesome! And, as usual, the legendary Meryl Streep (why not interview her too?) did an equally marvelous job as Julia Child. She was amazing in all aspects of the word. Whether or not cooking is your thing, this is a fantastic movie. It’s not just about a great woman who loved to cook, made it big, and became known all over the world. It is about loving life and the importance of following one’s passion! It makes your spirit come alive.

This movie not only comes alive with vivid colors and the texture of food and cooking, but also the flavor of France: the outdoor markets, the cultural motif, and the contrast of the American culture in New York City. It profoundly communicates the spirit of the great pleasure that Julia Child took in creating, cooking, adventure, and the love of life (which translates to joie de vivre in French). Julia’s joie de vivre was so powerful that it lit my spirit right up to just watch the film unfold. The music throughout the film was perfect – whoever wrote the score and selected the music deserves a round of applause. I loved that music! The music at the end of the film made me cry. It was that sweet. Really, it was.

I feel that the human spirit is so important yet grossly overlooked. It was obvious throughout the film that Julia Child never took it for granted. The joy she took in the little things of life; the way she treated people and brought joy into their lives; the way she lifted everyone wherever she was; I love these things about her. To her, food was alive. Her tremendous joy in the process of cooking, preparing, and eating expresses the color and the sensual delight of her life.

You find out how she came into her gifts and how she lit up all of life. You find out how she dealt with her challenges, how she inspired and loved her husband, and how much he adored and respected her and her gifts. He was a huge advocate for her success. This too was a delight to witness. The texture of this film will be with you for days because it imbues your soul with something very important and constantly overlooked.

In my youth, I remember Julia’s book, but I do not remember my mother telling me about her. It was in our kitchen, but it was one of my mother’s many recipe books. My mom was a good cook who experimented with everything. I had no knowledge of Julia Child as a younger person. I wish that I did. I have always been good at making great salads, spaghetti, tuna sandwiches, steaks, fish, and vegetables, but I was never taught to cook. I find it relaxing and a great way to get to know people.

If you want to get to know someone, invite them into your kitchen. You may find that it does something special that you hadn’t counted on. I am going to pick up Julia’s books and begin a whole new experiment. The inspiration has caught me. How about you?

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1 Erin December 20, 2009 at 1:10 pm

Julia Child is one of my heroes, an amazing woman. Read her biography Appetite For Life, if you haven’t.


2 Kim Greenhouse December 21, 2009 at 7:07 am

Thank you Erin. I will read her book, Appetite For Life. Sounds wonderful and inspiring!


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