Jump in the Starship

by on July 21, 2012      

in Announcements

It’s Rainmaking Time!® is taking flight – and we don’t like to fly alone. Before we close the hatch, some of you may want to jump in! We will be holding weekly interactive teleconferences during the production of each segment and followup teleconferences after they’ve aired. Listen to a message from host Kim Greenhouse below!

The show will continue to be available for free via the It’s Rainmaking Time!® website. But if you’re ready for more adventure, jump in the starship now and become a co-creator by participating in a segment as it happens! Interact directly with Kim Greenhouse and our guests in real time. If you’d like to submit a question, please purchase a co-creator ticket and send your question to Kim via Skype at itsrainmakingtime. (Please do not email your questions!)

You can also catch the next flight and join Kim for a weekly teleconference every Friday after a new segment airs. This is a perfect time to explore details and questions that the segment didn’t cover. (If you purchase a co-creator ticket, you can catch the next flight for free!)

Call us at (626) 398-8652 or send an email to timing@rainmaking.com for ticket information!

Important News About Copyright Protection

If you think copyright law protects your intellectual property, think again! Terry and Linda Jamison (The Psychic Twins) recently made their second appearance on It’s Rainmaking Time!®… but this time, it wasn’t to share their incredible predictive talents or to recount their remarkable life story. As Amazon.com Hall of Fame/Vine Reviewer Janet Boyer noted, the 40 pages of “similarities” between new author Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus and the Psychic Twins’ first book Separated At Earth are more than coincidental. Simple copyright case, right? Wrong! The Twins were shocked to discover that copyright law is so protective of infringers that legal experts have advised them to be extremely cautious when discussing this issue in the media. Tune in as The Psychic Twins recount their revelatory experience.

Neuromarketing News

Leading neuroscientists claim that 95% of all thoughts, emotions, and learning occur subconsciously, so why does most marketing target the 5% of the mind that is rational and conscious? Roger Dooley returns to It’s Rainmaking Time!® for an insightful chat about his latest book Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing, which explains how neuroscience and behavior research can help us to better understand consumer decision patterns. Listen to the show today and discover new strategies for neuromarketing success! Click here to hear our first interview with Roger.