Las Vegas Mass Shooting Events-Finding Wisdom in Tragedy

by on October 3, 2017      

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There is no way to write an article about a horrible mass shooting and many deaths without first sending heartfelt condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones. While most of us really want to figure it out as soon as possible and better understand what happened, it’s probably wiser and more useful to hold the space and not to be prematurely drawn into who did it and why it happened; until enough time has gone by and proper and thorough evidence has been collected on the entire event gestalt.

We should also watch that we don’t become Parrots of “Official Narratives” that have been downloaded to us from social media and news outlets. In times like these, it’s more useful to be in contemplation and to trust our initial gut instincts.

Unfortunately, the news cannot be counted on to deliver truth in its many facets. It’s not in that business and only thrives on ratings and advertising. To induce that, it must produce dramatic, violent, upsetting, fear creating, misleading, deceptive and unsubstantiated narratives which disturb the public, invoke fear and terrorize the masses with bad and negative stories.

It’s imperative that we not get seduced by the stories transmitted about who did it, how and why it happened and become receivers and absorbents of falsity. Go for evidence, reports from the people there, video and audio footage of evidence and make sure it is real evidence. Listen to as much as you can. Listen to things that at first don’t make sense to you. Things that bother you. Information that just does not sit well with your higher senses.

Remember how the mind works. When traumatized, it blindly absorbs whatever it’s told during upsetting events. Maybe it’s better to be be in silence and get your own information, than to be a blind receiver of an agency that has no interest in your well being and prosperity.

The news networks do not work for you. They do not serve us. They have no commitment to enhancing the human heart and spirit. They do not serve wellness. They serve agencies of darkness and destruction. Look who funds them and how advertising is sold. Look at how the rating system is created and maintained. Look at all commercial sponsors. How do stations make money? How do they sell their advertising?

Look how fast the stories are created immediately after shocking or traumatic events. Notice that there is little to no time for real investigation. They already have the stories ready for you.

Don’t buy them!

Guard your body, mind and spirit.

Pray for Wise Reflection, Right Action, Accurate Information & Healing.

Kim Greenhouse