Mireille Guiliano – Work and the Art of Savoir-Faire

by on June 21, 2011      

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Mireille Guiliano

Mireille Guiliano
(Photo by Andrew French)

Former Clicquot, Inc. CEO and French culture go-to Mireille Guiliano returns to It's Rainmaking Time!® to discuss her book Women, Work, and the Art of Savoir Faire, a handbook for women in the working world. So many books about business revolve around success, but rarely integrate work into a holistic view of life that supports one’s happiness inside and outside of the workplace. To address this rather large oversight, Mireille Guiliano makes it a point to discuss style, fashion, food, wine, and entertaining, continuing a central theme that winds throughout her books French Women Don’t Get Fat and French Women for All Seasons: the prioritization of a fulfilling life and the pursuit of pleasure. Join us as Mireille Guiliano shares her insights into working and living happily.

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