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by on January 19, 2017      

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Visionary Inventor and Quantum Physicist David Van Koevering joins us to share about his work and life as a world class inventor, musicologist, speaker, author and entrepreneur. Not only is he the creator of the Van Koevering Interactive Piano, but, he’s worked with Pioneer Bob Moog for 40 years, the founder of Moog Music and The Mini Moog synthesizer, that produced the first Performance Synthesizer. Mr. Van Koevering holds over 600 patents.

Nichola Tesla was no lightweight when it came to revelations about the world,  the universe and science. He said,   “What one man calls God, the other calls The Law of Physics”. Wouldn’t it be great if he were here now? Imagine that someone exists who can bridge the universe of the God Space with Quantum Physics and translate it as a gateway of unlimited opportunity? What if Quantum Physics is the other side of the cosmic hand of God and we just don’t know it? No matter what religion you were born into, or, may have joined during any part of your lives, this David Van Koevering is not to be missed.

As one of the brave people in science who has pushed the boundaries of known scientific understanding, his knowledge and understanding of Quantum Physics and his commitment to loving God and speaking the teachings of scripture, made the synthesis of his unique focus and inventions rare in his field. He developed a unique way to share and explain Quantum Faith, Healing & The Entrepreneur, in a way that brings God directly into the space.

While he’s a Christian, he’s empowers people of many faiths, while he provides a synthesis of these realms. He’s articulate, spirited and a big cheerleader for this and future generations.

He clinically died and came back from the dead and has recovered from 12 heart attacks and a stroke. His wife Becky has been with him for 50 years and together, they enjoy and cherish their children and grandchildren. He calls himself a “pathological optimist”.

In this interview, we talk seriously about his life’s journey, several important business and life trials that affected his life as an inventor, that also impacts the lives of pioneers and visionaries around the world. He invites us into his world of inventing and the kind of wonder that allows those from outside the realm to appreciate the marvel that it really is.

Dr. Van Koevering’s books and product offerings are available at  davidvancoevering.com and elsewhen.com We begin part one of our discussion with some fireworks, thunder and laughter. We hope you enjoy the show.

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1 Maggie M Heinze January 20, 2017 at 1:23 pm


Gratitude For This Invigorating & Informative Interview

Indeed – Would adore to SEE a second installment.

M Heinze


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