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by on March 7, 2012      

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Raymon Grace

Raymon Grace

Raymon Grace is an internationally-acclaimed energy worker, healer, lecturer, and one of the world’s foremost dowsers and dowsing teachers. People all over the world have sought after him to clean polluted water supplies, restore corrupted environments, help victims of abuse, and assist people with healing. Raymon Grace even learned how to make it rain from Native American shamans. He has worked successfully with law enforcement and political officials in the United States and Canada to reduce violent crime, and his teachings have also been effective in reducing violence in schools. Tune in as Raymon Grace shares wisdom, teachings, and tools for a better world.

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1 Debbie March 8, 2012 at 7:38 am

I absolutely love Raymon’s work. I have experienced so much positive change since I have been using his techniques. It has only been two months!! I am forever grateful!!!


2 Heather March 10, 2012 at 5:43 pm

Kim, Raymon Grace is fantastic! I hope to attend his class in June in Boulder, CO. Very appropriate timing, as I am searching for my new domicile, as family pressures (husband’s family since he passed over) are unpleasant. Right now I’m in Flagstaff, AZ looking for properties here. But will view his video before making any decisions. Have been dowsing for many years, but so far didn’t think to use it for this search! Thanks again for the timely, VERY TIMELY, guest!
Love and blessings,
Heather Seward


3 Abby March 13, 2012 at 7:59 pm

I have attended Raymon’s class and highly recommend all of his work and teachings. You can get so much out of his dvd’s, his books, his radio interviews, etc.


4 nancy young lincoln April 27, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Hello Raymon,

I am a grandmother of a 15 year old methamphetamine addict. My husband Carl, and I( Nancy) now have legal guardianship over Kayla. She has been in 2 wilderness programs and 2 therapeutic boarding schools, where she still resides. She is doing very well at this time. Kayla has always had and been a challenge. She has shown symptonms of severe ADHD all her life. Her father and his family are sever alcoholics and drug addicts. My daughter, Mandy was never able to handle Kayla and could not give her the structure and guidance Kayla needed. Kayla has directed her life from birth, and driven herself into a hell hole. We almost lost her to an overdose in Oct. of 2011. When she started shooting meth her life became a horror story.

Kayla will be coming home to live with us in June . This has taken a huge toll on me and my health. i would greatly appreciate your help for myself and for Kayla. We could sure use some energy work. I would appreciate your response as to what to do nest.

Nancy Young Lincoln


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