Rest in Peace Whitney Houston

by on February 11, 2012      

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Thank you for so much beautiful music. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. May your family and friends be comforted and may your fans indwell in the beatiful voice that you left us. You are flying lighter now. Rest in peace songbird.

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1 Juanita February 15, 2012 at 7:24 am

I.think she gt tierd of all fame money drugs shewont
To,meet thelord.she are right with her dad all stars.
That cross over.bobby was nt the husband if hewas
She never do drugs he have problems he tookher
To itis hard little gt clean shewas .scare for her life
Wont change all can say u went home.usafe.keep u soul
Live on u mother and child hearts things happen.god
Nos best u were ready go home .injoy u wings to
Fly high in sky no more gril stay strong

Umommy with angel.she always wont best for u amen


2 Juanita February 15, 2012 at 7:39 am

Ask to mother,u child is a gift form god.she did
Nt wonted her life,like this the devil took over
She try hard to fight it of that why she ask for
God answer .lead her way throw pain she,still
Alive any notherway otherside of life with her
Dad she always love u and her child her bothers
Famliy fan.she just wont,ok cry is tears
Ofjoy herlife live on awys.u the one rase,her she no her mother
Sang that who she was.nt drugs.she is in haven she no jeuse gave
Her new began life.and wings fly.that all she wonted matter wht she always


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