Revelations from The Kama Sutra

by on November 28, 2021      

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Seema Anand

Seema Anand

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Treatise written in Sanskrit, about how to have a successful life though the art of pleasure. “Seema  Anand, the author of “The Arts of Seduction” a very different kind of translator, mythologist and storyteller, whose speaking gifts are so compelling that she captivates audiences in so many cultures around the world. Seema joins us to distill the many jewels & social misunderstandings of the work of Vātsyāyana; the author of The Kama Sutra.

After 15 years of research, Dr. Anand was called to take the extracts of her findings and synthesize them into something that anyone can practice in modern times, even if one is not living in India, or part of Indian Culture. She discovered that “The Kama Sutra” is “steeped in refinement, beauty and nuanced pleasure”.

Her articulation of this ancient treatise is so detailed and energetically nuanced, that it is as if she has lived at the time of its formation. She brings erotic and magnetic nuances not only into the space of pleasure, sensuality and sexuality, but, into our very vibrations, so that we receive these teachings in our mind, body and spirit. The voice resonance of her spoken word translations and stories can transport us to vitally important untapped places in our own lives.” The Arts of Seduction” can serve to open up the exploration and discovery of mystery and help transform fear, discomfort and shame into a passionate and pleasure filled dance between lovers.

Seema Anand is inspiring people around the world to welcome physical pleasuring and is providing a much needed space for exploration, discovery and sensual delight.

She has a very special ability to bridge the sacred role of life force, magnetism, sexual guidance and conscious awareness and how they work together to bring us the experience of ecstatic pleasure.

Join us as we welcome in Seema Anand.