Richard Sauder – The Richard Sauder Briefing

by on October 29, 2010      

in Law, Government, & Military, Science & Technology

Richard Sauder

Richard Sauder

Richard Sauder returns to discuss his recent book The Richard Sauder Briefing, and to challenge us to get out of our seats – to move beyond our laptops, computers, television sets, and cell phones – and do something to effect positive change. We discuss many complex challenges and opportunities currently facing humanity and the planet, as well as Richard’s unfortunate arrest in North Dakota earlier this year for staging a peaceful protest near a missile silo at Minot Air Force Base. Join us with Richard Sauder for an expansive discussion that covers the Drake Equation, ancient India, the pyramids, the burning of the library at Alexandria, and Michael Cremo’s book Forbidden Archaeology, which influenced Richard’s life.

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1 kury February 20, 2011 at 10:11 am

I hear you Mr Sauder, you are so right, thank you, very inspiring!


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