Roberta Herzog – Ancient Texts & Discoveries

by on July 6, 2010      

in History & World Events, Parapsychology, Spirituality

Roberta Herzog

Roberta Herzog
Dec. 1943 - Sep. 2010

When delving into the spiritual world, one is often confronted with unfamiliar terms, protocols, and references. For instance, what are soulmates? What are divine contracts, and how do they work? And what do ancient texts like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the codices that make up the Nag Hammadi Library really mean? Roberta Herzog returns for an expansive conversation that touches on spiritual evolution and the Bible Codes, provides insight into why reincarnation is missing in most world religions, and creates a frame of reference for Atlantis. This interesting discussion with Roberta Herzog will enrich your understanding of what it means to be alive at this time in human history.