Sending Prayers to Spiritual Brother Joseph Lumpkin

by on January 9, 2012      

in Announcements

Joseph Lumpkin is a wonderful writer, researcher, and spiritual publisher, and a remarkable martial artist. He is one of our multifaceted unique guests who has been on the show several times. We have a profound connection with him and are very sorry to hear that last week he had to be rushed to the hospital because he was having major problems with his heart. The medical team at Trinity Hospital in Birmingham Alabama asserts that they need to do a quadruple bypass tomorrow morning, which is one of the most major surgeries one can have.

Upon hearing about this, I contacted him and spoke with him and was called to do several prayers with him on the phone and with his minister. If any of you are moved to send him your prayers of support, love, healing and protection for tomorrow’s procedures, we would really appreciate it, and he would appreciate it even more.

href=””>Here’s a link to one of our interviews with him.