Shawna Dolansky – Reexamining The Hebrew Bible

by on September 28, 2011      

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What if historical-critical methods, philological and literary analysis, text criticism, source criticism, redaction criticism, anthropological perspectives, archaeology, and ancient languages like Hebrew, Greek, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Aramaic and a variety of tools of the trade were called upon to address the the most controversial aspects of the Hebrew Bible? We invite Shawna Dolansky, a respected Biblical scholar, to discuss the most heated and controversial aspects of the Bible and to talk with us about the new book that she co-authored with Richard Elliot Friedman called The Bible Now. Shawna Dolansky is assistant professor of Religious Studies at Northeastern University and is also the author of Now You See It, The Relationship Between Magic and Religion in the Hebrew Bible, and the editor of Sacred History, Sacred Literature.

In our time together, we are going to discuss what the Hebrew Bible actually says (and doesn’t say) about homosexuality, abortion, women’s status, and capital punishment. Without a historical and cultural context to understand the passages written in the Bible, it cannot be properly understood. After this segment with Shawna Dolansky, listeners may find that they have an expanded understanding of the Bible that they may never have thought about before.

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1 equalizer April 30, 2013 at 5:58 am

The question is what will humanity do about Isreal. The word IS replenish. There was life on earth in a preadamic age. About 500,000 people now speak Hebrew. A perfect language being returned to the people of the book. God having spoke creation into existance, frequency is a fundamental of physical / energetic well-being. Both the KJV bible and the Torah contain the plan of salvation. The Torah however is the heart of God. There are indeed codes within the books. They are self supporting in prophecies to understand the times and seasons, that we may be prepared for the times of revelations as written by John for example. Those who call themselves Jews and yet are not, are responsible for the corruption created by the adversarial chain of command.
The original pictoral language of Henrew of 22 letters is a perfect language. If you can’t read it….just look at the pictures. 🙂 The issues chosen for discussion are appropriate since these are most heavily abused in these last days. Being gay is a choice, not merely a condition brought about by food or lifestyle influences. Homosexuality is sin, without question. AIDS will not be cured though labratory created and yet can be cured with difficulty. If you don’t want the consequences, don’t engage in the sin. Homosexuality has been deliberately spread throughout segments of populations from the military to the highest position of the Catholic church. As to those in the military for example, see the youtube video called; Kay Griggs Talks. As to the church, read the book, Vatican Assassins. As to the pope, he is a Jesuit sworn enemy of God, and according to Malachy, the last one, which I agree with. As to the woman being in subjection to the man, the man is by the law of God, has responsibility for the spiritual condition of the family as spiritual head of his family.

Abortion is the very edge of the issue of survival. Not just the murdering of countless millions by corrupted doctors, but as a civilization. Will the world become an abortuary or the birthing place into eternal life with the rest of creation outside of time itself where there are no opinions, there is simply, the way it is. For this, one must overcome the first dragon which is the ego. The truth of the very nature of creation and of mankind has been witheld from people. If we knew what we were, we would not live the way we do. To harm another is to harm yourself, since we are as one, and apart from the world. To live in the world and not be a part of it.

There is a dual nature to existance. There are actually twelve dimensions. Five are of the energetic and seven dimensions of the spiritual. I also should state here, that a revival can be created by the return to the original temple worship. The discovery of the ark of his testimony has been lied about. The tablets of the ten commandments have been removed from the ark, by the discoverer of the ark, with the help of angels that guard the ark. Just before enforcement of the mark of the beast cashless biometric system, the world will see the tablets, as God’s testimony of his son. The blood of Jesus on the cross, fell on the western side of the mercy seat, in fulfillment of prophecy making all things new. The tablets are now 20 feet beneath the site of the cross on Golgotha, placed there some 600 years before Christ, during the fall of Jerusalem.


2 Christopher Tyler December 9, 2013 at 5:58 pm

Well, I have a feeling this is going to fall on deaf ears, but I have to respond. As a gay man, I can tell you the way I feel is not ‘a choice’ any more than the way a straight person feels about the opposite sex with whom they may find themselves attracted to. You confuse behavior with feelings which is a common problem for religious people who have no personal experience with being gay.

Second, you bring up AIDS. If AIDS is some sort of repercussion for being a ‘gay lifestyle’ why are lesbians unaffected? Homosexuality is no more a sin than driving a car is the same as being a murderer. There are luckily now many many committed, loving same-sex couples who are legally marrying. They contribute to society and their communities through this commitment in the same way heterosexual couples do. How in the world you can believe this is sinful is beyond logic.

If you chose to ignore the evidence presented by the highly educated person in this interview that’s your choice.

Ignorance is a choice.


3 Site Admin December 10, 2013 at 8:05 am


Kim posted a follow-up commentary to this show that you may appreciate. If you like, check it out here: Throw Off the Shackles


4 Christopher Tyler December 12, 2013 at 6:57 pm

My apologies if I was unclear. My response was to ‘equalizer’s’ comments, specifically: “Being gay is a choice…”; “Homosexuality is sin, without question” and “AIDS will not be cured though labratory created and yet can be cured with difficulty. If you don’t want the consequences, don’t engage in the sin.”



5 david longenhagen November 17, 2014 at 4:23 am

i have to agree with the context of the conversation. will pick up the book later today. my question is on the deletion of the book of enoch, the reason is the bible code. going on a reception of the book from god, my question is where within the torah should this book be placed? it is from my research that the code places each leter/sound/number on a great wheel. the placement of the book is then either complimentary to the information flow or negative. upon reflection i see that that it is a triumph of the almighty that the code still functions with the book removed! however, seeing that the almighty is outside of time, and knew the book would be hence removed, i imagine that the design was with purpose. i believe the code to be not 2 dimensional but in context 4 dimensional, once complete it enhances not only the past, but the now, and then. looking forward to your response.


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