Tommy James – Crystal Blue Revelations

December 16, 2014

Tommy James was not only destined to become a successful singer and songwriter, but to journey into addiction, politics, religion, commercial bondage, and eventually to fall in love with liberation, life, and God. Join us as Tommy James shares his story: Me, The Mob and The Music.

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Mark and Marie Stafford – Flying High With Parrots International

November 24, 2014

Parrots International founders Mark and Marie Stafford detail their wild parrot conservation efforts in Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, The Bahamas, Bonaire, and Peru.

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Joe Krathwohl – The Marvel of Birds

November 17, 2014

Joe Krathwohl, the Birdman of Las Vegas, shares his unique perspectives on raising, training, showing, and breeding birds in captivity.

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Kevin Richardson – The Lion Whisperer

November 10, 2014

Kevin Richardson, “The Lion Whisperer”, discusses White Lion: The Movie, his new television series, and his life amongst the wildlife of South Africa.

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Jim Rogers – A Bull in China

November 3, 2014

Spend 50 minutes in Singapore with author and adventure capitalist Jim Rogers, the Indiana Jones of Finance.

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Michael MacDonald & Christopher Whitestone – The Silver Lining in an Economic Implosion

October 27, 2014

If you’re feeling bewildered by the paper money crisis, join us with Michael MacDonald and Christopher Whitestone – the authors of The Silver Bomb – as we bring it back to square one with an eye firmly fixed on silver.

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Terri Duhon – The Inner World of Finance

October 20, 2014

From her first interview for a job on Wall Street through her successful career as a trader and financial consultant, Terri Duhon (the author of How the Trading Floor Really Works) offers a fascinating look into the complex field of risk management.

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Scott Patterson – Meet the Quants

October 13, 2014

Scott Patterson, Wall Street Journal staff reporter and author of The Quants, outlines the incredible and frightening paradigm of high frequency trading.

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Bitcoin & Crowdfunding – Booming, Busting, and Birthing

October 6, 2014

Bitcoin – an emerging peer-to-peer payment system, platform, and cryptocurrency – is taking the world by storm. Reggie Middleton joins us with Andreas Antonopolous, Dave Scotese, and Sam Guzik to crystallize our undertanding of Bitcoin, Crowdfunding, and “The Future of Money”.

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James Turk – Pop Goes The Money Bubble

September 29, 2014

We continue our exploration of precious metals and their value as real money throughout global systemic transition and the predicted failure of paper money. Join us with James Turk and learn what you can do to protect yourself when the money bubble pops!

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