Jump in the Starship With Us

Participate in the Production of It’s Rainmaking Time!®

It's Rainmaking Time!® is taking flight – and we don’t like to fly alone. Before we close the hatch, some of you may want to jump in! Listen below for a message from host Kim Greenhouse:

The show will continue to be available for free via the It's Rainmaking Time!® website. But if you’re ready for more adventure, jump in the starship now, or catch the next flight!

Jump in the Starship

It's Rainmaking Time!® is committed to bringing you historic interviews with prominent guests in every field. With a rare level of discourse and stewardship, we facilitate critical dialogues on the most important and relevant subjects facing the world today.

A pass to the Starship Bridge allows you to interact directly with Kim and our guests in real time during the recording of the show. This is a novel way to engage the prime movers and great minds of the world, and a great opportunity to ask a key question or make an insightful comment about the subject of focus. Click here for a list of upcoming live events.

If you would like to LISTEN ONLY, call (712) 432-3066 and enter conference code 353019. Your line will remain muted throughout the production of the segment.

Catch the Next Flight

Join Kim Greenhouse for a weekly teleconference every Friday after a new segment airs. This is a perfect time to explore details and questions that the segment didn’t cover.

Call us at (626) 398-8652 or send an email to timing@rainmaking.com for ticket information!