The Magic & Mystery in France-Election Time 2017

by on June 3, 2017      

in Editorials & Commentary, Environment, Law, Government, & Military, Travel

The election in France was so important that you would have really thought it was a global election. The entire world was on pins and needles. Paris was buzzing with excitement and expectancy. So much was riding on who would be the winner and what would happen to France and the EU if either Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen would win. I made a commitment to go to interview Marine Le Pen.  This commentary is about sharing with you what unfolded. In a country that I had virtually no introductions, no point people, friends, family or colleagues, the trip was complex and yet, it was filled with passion and commitment.

I met many wonderful people everywhere I went. There were bumps in the road, lot’s of excitement and expectation in the air.  There was also sudden elation and then quickening disappointment. Did I just experience a missed opportunity?

Magic came in unexpected twists and turns that only comes when you step into the unknown and become fully engaged by being there. This commentary is an update on my experience in France and to share some of what I went through to show up and build trust where little exists; in a place that tends to be suspicious of outsiders.

While the average internet user would prefer to go on Skype to meet others and save money, time and energy, I knew that I had to go in person and experience the terrain. Enjoy the commentary.