The Magic & Mystery in France-Election Time 2017

June 3, 2017

The election in France was so important that you would have really thought it was a global election. The entire world was on pins and needles. Paris was buzzing with excitement and expectancy. So much was riding on who would be the winner and what would happen to France and the EU if either Emmanuel Macron […]

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Hugh Newman – Reconnecting Us To Our Ancestors

January 12, 2015

Hugh Newman, the founder of the yearly Megalithomania Conference, shares his passion for reconnecting us to the earth and our ancestors.

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Carol Pool – Laughter, Lore, and Creative Magic in Glastonbury

January 7, 2015

Every now and then you have a chance to meet someone who really understands the creative, magical realm. Renowned poetess Carol Pool stewards the mystery, the magic, and the wisdom of Glastonbury, England. Join us as we explore Glastonbury’s colorful history, Carol’s poetry, and the power of creativity.

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Jerry Mishler – Airlines and Pet Travel

May 12, 2014

Jerry Mishler, the founder of Action Pet Express, helps us navigate the complexities of pet travel by air in today’s busy world.

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Joe Noonan – Celebrating Dolphins: Our Beloved Family Members

March 4, 2011

Planetary Partners founder Joe Noonan gives a poignant account of his experiences swimming with wild dolphins, and offers his perspectives on what these benevolent beings can teach us about ourselves.

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Gary Dunn – The Caretaker Gazette

December 4, 2010

Gary Dunn joins us to discuss his publication The Caretaker Gazette. If you’re looking for housesitting or property caretaking jobs, you won’t want to miss this show!

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Stacey Tearne – Welcome To Space Adventures

May 7, 2010

Stacey Tearne, VP of Communications for Space Adventures, offers us a fascinating look into civilian space travel. Outer space is closer than ever!

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