Trevor James Constable – Etheric Rain Engineering

by on November 18, 2005      

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Trevor James Constable

Trevor James Constable

Trevor James Constable is a weather engineer, explorer, pioneer, and the author of The Cosmic Pulse of Life. His formative teachers have included Ruth Drown, Rudolf Steiner, and many other groundbreaking thinkers. He has stood the test of time and experienced the cruel marginalization that comes with being a frontrunner in his efforts to bring new knowledge and a new delivery system to our world. In this breathtaking interview, he explains the paradigm of weather engineering, and how we can use etheric energy to create rain without dumping toxic chemicals into our skies.

The ether (or aether) was viewed as the heavens in classical Greek mythology. Later, Victorian science would regard it as a medium for the transmission of light. Nikola Tesla’s gestalt of knowledge was rooted in his understanding of drawing upon etheric energy. Although the mainstream scientific community has discounted the existence of the ether, high-level government research projects (i.e. HAARP) and defense companies such as Raytheon have appropriated Tesla’s patents.

How do we know if the ether/aether is real? More importantly, if it is not real, then how does this man deliver rainfall and eliminate smog without hurting our atmosphere?