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Together at The Chalice Well In Glastonbury England, Sig and Karin.

One of the most delightful times that Kim had on her first visit to The Netherlands was with the magical and most memorable Sig Lonegren and his partner Karin and their canine wonder “Snufi”. Having fled shut downs with 12 hours notice in Paris, Kim rushed to make an early train to Amsterdam and headed off to the end of the train line, where she entered “Enkhuizen” to spend time with Master Dowser, Geomancer and Author, Mr. Sig Lonegren and his wife Karin. This was by far one of the highlights of Kim’s time in The Netherlands.

Sig Lonegren is a well respected and known geomancer, dowser and teacher, who learned to dowse all the way back in 1959. Geomancy is also known as earth acupuncture.

Mr. Lonegren is a wise sage, whose also an articulate and loving teacher, who teaches about many ancient practices like sacred geometry, “lay lines” or “lays”, labyrinths and how land and living structures express and emanate energy and how to heal them.

He’s authored many books, “Spiritual Dowsing” “Ancient Myths and Modern Uses”, labyrinths”, “The Dowsing Rod Kit”, “The Pendulum Kit” and more! We talk about sacred geometry, lay lines or lays, the famous Michael Lines.

Karen Schluter also joins us to share about her work as a Distance healer and their work together healing sick houses. Kim finally finds a way to engage them to talk a little about their life together of calling and love and about their special bond.

If you’re longing for a rare gift for the holidays, this conversation is one of them.

Happy Holidays from It’s Rainmaking Time!